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PPF installation

PPF installation

At Source-R AutoMotive, we could not offer car wrapping without PPF film. PPF is a real game changer when protecting your car's paint. We can offer our customers various options, where they can purchase precut kits specifically made for their car models; we can do a custom kit to your vehicle and bulk film for a more significant surface job. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and the right solutions for you.

PPF installation

What is PPF?

You’ve finally got it! The dream car! Your new baby is sitting in the garage, gleaming and looking shiny, and you don’t want anyone to leave so much as a fingerprint on it! Well, eventually, something will get on it. A stone chip, a tiny mark, maybe a scratch or two over time(the thought is unbearable, we know), but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A paint protection film works like a transparent vehicle wrap! Now, come on, you protect your iPhone with a case, but you won’t protect your Sunday speed demon? But it’s not just a protective film; PPF has some excellent benefits.

Repels water.

PPF is hydrophobic; this doesn’t mean it gets scared of water; the film’s surface makes it harder for water to hang onto a single place. Have you ever seen how water seems to race its way off a freshly waxed car? Same thing. Your car will have quite the visual effect after it rains if you even dared leave it out in the first place… Oh, who are we kidding? You’ll put your partner in the rain before you intentionally take out the Sunday car into the rain.

Now, of course, the Sunday car can get a layer of PPF, but getting one for your work car can save you a lot of hours washing the car. If the water can’t dry on your vehicle, it will leave fewer watermarks, too!

Protects your paint

PPF also resists staining to the paint of your car. If chemicals splash your car or you have to drive through some sewage after a bad local rain or any liquids that could otherwise stain the vehicle, the film will act as a barrier and prevent this. Should the film need to be replaced, it would only require a quick repair to a selected area of transparent film and still maintain a pristine paint job on your beauty. Unlike full vehicle wraps that are custom-created to match your car’s visuals, a transparent PPF layer can be quickly cut to fit and replace any areas of damaged film. You are saving you time, money, and a lot of stress.

Enhance the gloss and clarity of the paint.

With Malta enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year, the sun can fade the lacquer and paint of your car over time. A film of PPF prevents this and offers clarity and a glossier look. If you’re considering getting PPF applied to your baby, contact us at Source-R Automotive, where we can help you in our fully-equipped garage. Your car deserves the best.

Frequently asked questions

Can Paint Protection film be repaired?

This depends; a bubble would typically be pushed out to release the air. However, tears cannot be repaired. When a section of the PPF is torn, that entire section needs to be re-wrapped. This is relatively inexpensive and is often the ideal choice.

Can paint protection film be applied over ceramic coating?

No, the paint protection film wrapping should be applied first to wrap the car’s paint properly. However, applying a ceramic coating to a paint protection film is fine. When the ceramic coating is on top of the wrapping, the benefits of the two work hand in hand.

Can paint protection film be polished?

Yes and no. Regular car polish is designed to be used on paint, but the PPF is a kind of wrapping which, if polished incorrectly, could be damaged or faded(affecting the transparency and making the paint look faded). There is a specific cleaner intended to work as a polish for transparent wrapping to give it a fresher feel. Use only the recommended cleaner for your wrap for the best results. Regular car detergents should be OK for washing.