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Computer cut stickers

Computer cut stickers

At Source-R Automotive, we use the latest technology in computer cut stickers. We use the latest machines and bubble-free materials to produce a perfect and professional finish. If you are considering getting computer-cut stickers but want to know more about what you are getting, we’ve compiled a list of benefits below. You can also reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and what solutions we can offer you.

Computer cut stickers

Things to know about Computer Cut Stickers

We advise our customers to think ahead on designs, as sometimes even the most well-intentioned stickers are not always practical. This is why consulting our team on the desired outcome is advisable, as we can give you an experience-based outlook. After many years in the business, we have seen our fair share of mishaps. While it is funny and memorable, you want your business message to be delivering the joke and not be the punch line.

Thanks to our precision equipment, we can produce high-quality stickers that will resist the elements and still create distinctive stickers that highlight phone numbers and other contact information.Reach out to us at R Automotive for a discussion on your ideas and how we can discuss how to make them happen.

Versatility of Computer Cut Stickers

Stickers give the user a wide range of choices on how to use them. Whether it’s the sponsor’s stickers for your next racing event or a promotional campaign advertised on company cars, stickers are an effective way to grab attention. A clever designer can easily use a car’s shape and colour scheme to create a contrasting visual that grabs attention and delivers a message. It is easy to visualize how much a vehicle can stand out with these stickers if one imagines it in everyday settings, whether parked on the street, delivering a product, or even glancing at and noticing it during traffic.

Many Shapes and sizes of Computer Cut Stickers

This is where your marketing team can get their creativity into gear. Many commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, so using the space can create exciting and eye-catching results. A large white van that is a staple for many businesses and trades can also be a massive billboard to advertise the service. The stickers give you the versatility of working with your vehicle. Below is an example of advertising placed over a street cleaning vehicle. The designers used the shape of the truck and its brushes’ position to create an advert for a product. This is just one of the many examples that can be found online. These designs prove that even a simple vehicle can become an excellent advertising tool for your brand or promotion. With some clever thinking, your sticker can get you much attention.

Creative fun with Computer Cut Stickers

Stickers can also be great fun. Maybe you aren’t the overly serious petrol-headed grease monkey obsessed with the car, but you love to see vehicles with fun stickers and would like one for yourself. Well, the sky is the limit.

Computer Cut Stickers are a more environmentally conscious option.

If you are considering the environmental impact of the material used for vehicle wraps and would like a more eco-friendly option that consumes less. Stickers are a great way to go. You can get your message out there with the car’s existing paint as your canvas. Your car mustn’t be all white to get a commercial message out there. A contrasting sticker works fantastically with many paint schemes and gives your vehicles a more dynamic look.

Frequently asked questions

Can Computer Cut Stickers be removed?

Yes, the stickers can be peeled off very easily and should not leave a residue. Should a residue remain, a number of off the counter cleaners can be used but ensure that it is not one that could damage your paint.

How long do computer cut stickers last on cars?

Generally, vinyl stickers should last up to five years.