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Commercial livery

Commercial livery

At Source-R Automotive, we specialize in commercial livery and designs. We produce high-quality, tailor-made liveries to meet our customers' needs. We source the highest quality printing materials to make your commercial vehicle design come to life. If you have questions about commercial livery, read below to learn about its benefits. If you wish to discuss what we can do for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Commercial livery

Why get commercial livery

Do you have a fleet of company cars? Have you considered turning them into mobile advertising spaces? Advertising costs continue to rise, and having marketing options that continue to deliver long after their expense is difficult and not always achievable. Have you considered using your cars?

Your brand might have many representatives constantly travelling around the islands with work-related meetups, sales meetings, and other business get-togethers. If your employees (such as real estate agents) own the cars, you can also offer terms for their cooperation in sporting your livery for specific models. While you do not have to buy the cars, your employees could be a fantastic asset if you can get the most common car models among them to act as your banner. Right now, people may constantly see your vehicles, but nobody pays attention because they look like every other car. Brands that buy fleets will typically place an order for a standardized colour if it’s unique enough, but that will probably mean a custom paint job for each one. And let’s face it, that’s expensive.


On the other hand, commercial livery is not only a fraction of the cost but is far more versatile. For the cost of a paint job on a single car, you could get multiple cars with a fresh commercial livery. Over time, this easy-to-replace livery can be changed to reflect brand updates, highlight new brands you represent, or even highlight a long-standing promotion while still being more cost-effective than a custom paint job on your cars. Your fleet could soon become your moving billboards, and with suitable eye-catching designs, some head-turning could start conversations and spark ideas for those who need your product or service.

Retain resale value

Additionally, suppose your design is a full vehicle wrap. Did you know that vehicle wrapping comes with the massive bonus of adding a layer of protection to the paint? So, suppose the cars in the fleet are to be sold to make way for newer vehicles. Your company only needs to remove the wrapping, and you will retain a lot of value when selling a scratch-free car.

Any vehicle can be done!

It’s not just cars, even vans and trucks can have it. The best part is that your vehicle could soon have an iconic look! Out of the mass of white, blue, grey, and black cars, your branding will visually scream out and catch the attention of those who see it.

You’ll never get an off-the-shelf treatment!

This is a fantastic opportunity for your marketing to flex their creative muscles. Many massive brands have made use of custom vehicles and quirky and clever designs to get people to react. Locally, the Red Bull Mini is a very familiar sight amongst students, and anyone who spots even the shape recognizes it’s the Red Bull Mini. Can your branding become a fantastic artwork that will get people talking? If you have a product people need, the answer is probably yes! Our design team will work with your marketing team to help get the best visual impact for your fleet. Our experts will guide you on the best materials and ways to get the most out of your designs. Reach out to us at R AutoMotive to set up a meeting to discuss how we can bring your designs to your cars.