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Caliper refurbishment

Caliper refurbishment

Brake callipers are sometimes overlooked but are essential when giving a car a fresh look since the brake disc and calliper are visible with many sporty alloy wheels. While the disc and calliper are darkened with dirt, heat rust and everything on the road over time, a clean disc and freshly painted calliper give a car a much sportier and maintained look. Are you thinking about giving your wheels an instant facelift?

Caliper refurbishment


Suppose you’re on this page reading this. In that case, you are probably a car enthusiast and, like many other enthusiasts, you like to compare your car to theirs for little details to improve on. Distinctly painted brake callipers will enhance the look of both the stock version and a moded one with an edgier appearance of a machine that has been finely tuned to perform at its best. Is the speed demon in your garage sporting a standard factory paint? Just picture the difference in appearance with a contrasting colour (you probably already have one in mind).

Does not affect performance

While the companies that produce heat-resistant paint designed for brake callipers assure that their product does not impact performance, it’s recommended that you get a professional to do this. Applying too thick or too many layers may cause some of it to disappear and interfere with the brakes themselves when used. Additionally, many people attempt to repaint a brake calliper while it is fitted to a disc. To be clear, this is possible, but it is highly inadvisable. Painting a calliper while still fitted may cause some paint to get on the disc, which may cause damage when driving and in use. Trust a professional with this to ensure an even and correct paint job is done. At R Automotive, we have a fully stocked garage with all the equipment to comfortably lift your car, remove the calliper properly and repaint it to a high-quality standard that will exceed visual expectations without compromising your car’s performance.

Retail Value

As with many details on a car, the bold statement of the contrasting coloured brake callipers adds a sportier look and helps retain the value of a vehicle that you may be considering reselling. Suppose you are a petrolhead who loves his cars. In that case, you probably keep the interior in a state of near-new condition with a smell to match, so what can you do to get a better hold on your car’s value when you try to turn it over?

A well-maintained brake calliper instantly gives a much better impression of the condition of your car brakes (something a lot of boy racers need to ensure are in good shape). If you are considering getting your car detailed but aren’t sure about it, click here to read about when you should consider getting it detailed.

A great maintenance

Over time, your car’s disc and calliper can become a little rusty in appearance. While this often has no impact on performance, as an enthusiast, it feels shameful that your beauty’s wheels and rims aren’t as eye-catching anymore. With a quick visit, we’ll have your calliper looking like new.

Call us to refurbish your brake callipers and smack on a fresh coat of paint to make the wheels pop! With the possibility of repainting your calipers with various choices, you can give your car your personal touch on the look.

Frequently asked questions

How hard is it to refurbish brake calipers?

It’s not a difficult job if you know what you are doing and what to look for. Getting your brake callipers refurbished is a very low-cost maintenance that can save you a lot of money. Don’t ignore your brakes, you are less likely to have a problem requiring expensive part replacements.

When should brake calipers be replaced?

It is usually recommended that your brake callipers be replaced every 100,000 miles or ten years. This will, of course, vary depending on the durability, brand and the maintenance carried out on them.

Should I refurbish or replace brake calipers

Once again, this depends on the state of the callipers. In some instances, higher-end vehicles have parts that have fantastic durability. With a bit of maintenance and a calliper refurbishment kit, you could stretch out the use of the calliper for a few more years. However, this is not a permanent solution, and the calliper will eventually need to be replaced.