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Body kit installation

Body kit installation

We have a purpose-built workshop at Source-R Automotive to carry out such work. Equipped with all the necessary tools, we can help you fit your kit. We also supply kits by Maxton Design. If you are considering getting a body kit for your car, consider some minor points like those below. If you already decided to get a kit and want us to help, contact us to discuss how to get your kit to fit your car correctly.

Body kit installation

Do you have the tools and knowledge to fit your Body Kit?

We know you’d love to get to it, but why not get a professional to fit it on for you. You’ll have peace of mind that everything is properly in place, so you don’t suddenly have a bumper hanging on while it’s dragged, scratched and damaged till you notice it or someone embarrassingly points it out. It’s not simply about taking off one bumper and fitting on another. Some bumpers require a bit of cutting and thought as they are not necessarily made with your specific model in mind but are tailored for a more generic size. This is where a professional is better suited for the job. You wouldn’t cut your own hair, so why take the chance of cutting and shaping that expensive kit when someone trained and experienced can do it for you properly.

Body kits have a strange reputation. It can either make a car look sexier and sportier or scream that the owner is trying too hard. We’ve all seen funny videos of lousy botch jobs of body kit jobs that have difficulty staying straight on smooth roads; now imagine how they will handle the bumps here in Malta if the kit is properly fit. This is where the professional can help you get the correct sizing in advance so you can get the design you want but in a way that fits your car’s size. It’s like seeing someone with oversized sunglasses too big for their face; it doesn’t matter if they’re D&G; they don’t look right.

We have the tools to correctly fit your desired body kit to your car. We are also agents of X, which offers various attractive kits. As the official retailer of this brand, we can guarantee the quality of their kits. This brand offers a fantastic array of options depending on the make and model of your car. Any kit from Maxton Design is one that we can fit in your vehicle. We can even assist you in purchasing and shipping your desired kit so you can have peace of mind while we care for your baby.

Frequently asked questions

Does a body kit lower a car?

This depends on what you wish to achieve. A kit that is too big in terms of height may impact your ground clearance. You must check the manufacturer's specifications and compare these to your car. Additionally, speaking to a professional about your plans would be best. A professional can guide you in achieving your desired look without compromising your car's performance, comfort and structure. Everyone laughs at the videos of the cars leaving their bumpers on speed bumps until it's their car.

Does a body kit increase insurance?

This depends on your insurance policy. Your policy should cover you as far as a specified value. If the bumpers on your car far exceed the cost that the insurance company is willing to pay for repairs to your vehicle, the answer is no.

Does a body kit improve a car’s performance?

Race cars with advanced air intakes use vents in the body, and aerodynamics are carefully considered. Hence, the answer is yes: a body kit can improve your vehicle's performance. Whether the difference and impact are noticeable on Maltese roads is highly doubtful. You can undoubtedly have a kit that isn't just for show and is working with the car; in this case, we highly recommend speaking to a professional to get the proper insight on how to work with your vehicle.